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  • Joseph Bennett

The Power of Words

I've just returned from a sublime weekend retreat in Alabama "Heart Centered Abundant Living." I learned a great deal that will certainly be useful to me on my spiritual path, and there were many lessons from the weekend that I needed to relearn.

One lesson that stayed with me was this: there is one super power-full word (truthfully two, but the second word is another blog post) that I've been working with for the past few years, and actually wrote about it in a blog post in late 2013.

The word is Trust.

Trust with a capital 'T'. For many of us, it's so easy ('until now') to fall into the habit of doubting - our selves, our choices, our next move, the world around us.

And this doubt can become paralyzing.

What if, just for the sake of play (during the retreat I had an opportunity to think about the phrase 'just for the sake of argument' and realized how much I disliked it. 'Just for the sake of play' resonates better with me:) we practiced the art of Trust in our daily lives?

Can you Trust that you're exactly where you need to be right now, emotionally, physically, financially and creatively? Can you Trust that the next right action will be revealed to you when you're ready? Can you Trust that, in the words of Max Erhmann, 'whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt that the Universe is unfolding as it should' ?

What would your life look like and feel like if you were to consciously give yourself the gift of Trust? Are you willing to try it?

And here's what we'd love to know: In what area(s) of your life are you needing to practice more trust?

Please join in the conversation below... Thanks!

In Love and Trust, Joseph



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