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Our Story

We met at our first wedding. Literally.




It's true! It was in a crowd of 100,000 people at Pride festival in San Diego, summer of 2000. There was a mass-commitment ceremony for a few dozen couples - and we happened to be standing next to each other, watching.


Complete strangers.


When the minister said: '"Please face your partner and repeat these vows," Joseph turned to Eli and said "Hey, do you wanna do this?'"


Eli, in a totally uncharacteristic way - without reading reviews or Consumer Reports - simply said Yes!

At the end of the ceremony, Eli said: "Now that we're married, what's your name?"


And the rest is history. A week later, we exchanged rings and have been supporting each other to our highest potential ever since.


Our relationship is powerful, loving, supportive, fun, spiritual. So lucky!  (We've been married three times, the last one, legally. Finally!)

Our story was published in the Modern Love section of The New York Times!

Spontaneous Grooms In July 2000, San Diego Pride held a mass commitment ceremony for sever
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Joseph & Eli

In 2003 we founded Sublime Design Interiors, LLC —a successful interior design firm —and have worked together ever since. 


Flash forward to Autumn of 2014.


Eli is diagnosed with Cancer. The world turns upside down. But together we discovered the way through it. And afterwards, everything changed as we both share a passion for personal development and leadership.  

That's when our coaching, mentoring and  personal growth business truly began to flourish. 

During COVID, Eli wrote and later performed in what became his award-winning solo-show called Out of The Blue, about hope and resilience. It's an inspiring musical, in which he plays 25 characters!

Since then, the transformational work that he does includes teaching people how to share compelling stories of their lives from the stage in a program called Your Story- Your Legacy. 

Joseph has written 5 fantastic books, about to publish his 6th! He's a creative dynamo, an assemblage artist using found objects, a hypnotherapist, co-host of the podcast Are You Waiting for Permission? and a  wonderful dad to his three furry kiddos.

Our shared mission is to share what we've learned about creating a wonderful, positive, empowering, healthy life, to support others to their highest potential in order to become the AMAZING people they came here to be!

We look forward to getting to know YOU and supporting you in making YOUR dreams happen!

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