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BEATING THE ODDS - And all that Cha-Cha!

Watch this brief video for details about the workshop

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A cancer diagnosis can be one of the most terrifying experiences we can face in our lives. If you - or a loved one - have been touched by cancer directly or indirectly, you will GAIN SO MUCH from this empowering life-saving workshop!


After hearing Eli's inspiring story of healing from a dire cancer diagnosis to becoming a cancer thriver in all respects, you'll learn life-affirming strategies anyone can immediately put into action that can make a significant difference in their attitude and outlook, their well-being and, most importantly, their outcome.

An ABSOLUTE MUST if you want to release fear and shift your mindset into a positive state where thriving is possible! Improve your outcome, avoid a relapse or prevent getting cancer in the first place!

If you DON'T have cancer (wonderful!) yet are experiencing another chronic illness - or if you just want to get back on track to regain optimum health - you will also gain a lot from our time together.

This 2.5-hour workshop will pack a wealth of information from the patient AND care-giver perspectives, taken directly from Eli's  successful healing adventure and Joseph's incredible support as primary care-giver.

You'll also experience a wonderful process to help you clarify your healing goals and how to achieve them!

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3 Healthy Cooking Classes

Wanna learn how to prepare

Organic, delicious and nutritious meals

to prevent cancer in the kitchen?

$65 per class

$180 all 3 (save $15)



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and keep you in the loop.

This life-changing workshop took place on:

SATURDAY, March 2, 2019

IF YOU NEED SUPPORT WITH YOUR CANCER JOURNEY, in order to discover an integrative plan that works for you, please visit:

Eli will be happy to help you deal with the overwhelm of a new cancer diagnosis.

happy life coaching client

"My time with Joseph and Eli was pure love and light into creating my vision...  I am so grateful!!!"

Bobbi V., Brooklyn, NY

Happy workshop participant

"Eli & Joseph are masterful facilitators of group process. With a light touch and great wisdom, they bring out the best in people." 

Mitch D., Woodstock, NY

workshop participant

"As a former motivational speaker, I know how much time and energy it takes to create a safe, playful, nurturing, and stimulating environment for people to thrive... and you got what it takes!"

Carole C., Victoria, British Columbia

workshop participant

"Thank you so much for your brilliant seminar. In the course of two short hours, you provided tools for profound healing, even life-changing information... in a fun, well organized and inspiring way!”

Kate Rowland, San Miguel, Mx.

workshop participant

"I have never seen a couple that had such perfect synergy. You come from the heart. I felt the workshop uplifted and inspired me to create a better life. Thanks so much for what you so willingly bring to us."

Warren Hardy, San Miguel de Allende, Mx.

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