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Círculos de Éxito

Gift Certificates and Scholarship Fund

Gift a beloved Mexican friend or employee - or even someone you may not know yet -with an exciting opportunity to take this life-changing training, in SPANISH.


These types of personal growth courses are typically not accessible to many Mexican folks. We are excited to bring this opportunity to them where they learn invaluable success tools they can apply to every aspect of their lives.

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Recent graduates from our Círculos de Éxito training.

How you can help

If you're feeling called to offer your support, you can purchase a gift certificate for a specific person, or you can donate towards a Scholarship Fund that will help those who want to attend the training, yet may not be able to afford the already low tuition fee.

Eli & Joseph

The next Círculos de Éxito training takes place:

January 20, 27 and 30, 2019 (18 hrs)


$2000 pesos ($100 USD, before Jan 10, 2019)

$2800 pesos ($140 USD, after Jan 10, 2019)

TO PURCHASE a Círculos Gift Certificate for a specific person:

TO DONATE to the Círculos SCHOLARSHIP FUND to offer financial support.

Click on Button. Simply enter any amount on the PayPal page and the NAME of the person in the Special Notes section.

Click on Button. Simply enter any amount you'd like to DONATE on the PayPal page.

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THANK YOU for sharing the gift of Transformation!
We'll make sure your loved one BENEFITS from your gift
with a life-changing experience!
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