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Create your own LET-IT-GO BOX

An amazing tool to let go of worries and anxieties for good!

Let us know if you want to join us in San Miguel de Allende. We'll send you the dates.

If you have nagging worries in the pit of your stomach or obsessive thoughts that keep you up at night this simple and beautiful tool will do wonders for you!


Use your creativity to do something positive for yourself and create a more peaceful and sane experience of life.

In this 3-hour, creative, fun and productive art workshop, you will:

  • Work in our wonderful art studio, infused with creativity from dozens of other art and transformational workshops.

  • Create a beautiful, inspiring and effective "magical box" that will serve to eliminate all your worries. (Yes, it works!)

  • Through short writing prompts, you will take a look at how worry serves you (or not) and how to best replace those thoughts with new ones that create deep peace of mind.

  • Transform yourself from a "anxious worrier" to "Peaceful Warrior!" 

Let It Go Box

The Studio Space

Materials provided:

  • The box

  • Magazines to cut out inspiring words and images

  • Other printed beautiful images and empowering phrases you can use.

  • Paint, brushes, glue, hot glue, scissors, color pens and pencils, jewels, ribbons, etc.

  • Healthy snacks and great music!

You may want to bring:

  • Your own special box that has an easy-to-open lid. (Chocolate boxes are great. Just make sure you don't eat them all yourself!)

  • Special photographs, images or printed words that inspire YOU.

  • A smock or shirt/clothes you don't mind getting paint on.

This fun and creative workshop is only $50 USD (or $900 pesos.)

Includes all basic materials. Some upgraded materials you may choose may incur an additional charge.

Want to know who's teaching this workshop? Click here.

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