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Create a Life you LOVE - "The 5 Key Essentials."

This 2-hour motivational workshop offers 5 easy-to-follow, yet incredibly profound strategies to manifest the results

you want to create in your life. And, they're not what you might think!


The first half is didactic and interactive, the second is a high-energy small group process, learning to bust right through big obstacles getting in your way. 

It is literally life-changing!        



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This fast-paced workshop encourages audience participation from the start, delivers powerful action-based, step-by-step strategies that underlie everything one might want to bring about in their lives. Using accelerated-learning techniques to help participants retain the information effortlessly, the workshop is highly motivational and experiential.

Best of all, the tools provided can be applied immediately, and participants leave the workshop enthused and motivated to truly start creating a life they love!

To BOOK this workshop for your group or company or to get more information, please CONTACT US.

Group forming now in San Miguel de Allende, Mx. Contact us to get on the list.

ONLINE webinar coming soon. Want in?

What others are saying...
happy life coaching client

"My time with Joseph and Eli was pure love and light into creating my vision...  I am so grateful!!!"

Bobbi V., Brooklyn, NY

Happy workshop participant

"Eli & Joseph are masterful facilitators of group process. With a light touch and great wisdom, they bring out the best in people." 

Mitch D., Woodstock, NY

workshop participant

"As a former motivational speaker, I know how much time and energy it takes to create a safe, playful, nurturing, and stimulating environment for people to thrive... and you got what it takes!"

Carole C., Victoria, British Columbia

workshop participant

"Thank you so much for your brilliant seminar. In the course of two short hours, you provided tools for profound healing, even life-changing information... in a fun, well organized and inspiring way!”

Kate Rowland, San Miguel, Mx.

workshop participant

"I have never seen a couple that had such perfect synergy. You come from the heart. I felt the workshop uplifted and inspired me to create a better life. Thanks so much for what you so willingly bring to us."

Warren Hardy, San Miguel de Allende, Mx.

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