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 Join us for "Master your Mindset Series!"
Change your story - Change your Life.

Hi! We're Eli and Joseph.

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Everything we do is designed to help YOU create a Life you

 Eli Hans & Joseph Bennett

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Expert, Compassionate Support to help you
Create a Life Truly Worth Living!
Eli and Joseph have inspired thousands of people internationally to create lives they LOVE igniting their passions, gaining clarity, building lasting, loving relationships, and living life to their their highest potential.
These two insightful men are dedicated to supporting YOU in creating an extraordinary life worthy of your dreams. Yes, it's possible! And, they can help you get there.
  • Get excited about what's possible for you (even if you can't see it yet.)
  • Gain confidence and motivation to break through your resistance.
  • Create a meaningful career, making great money, doing what you love.
  • Attract a loving partnership that feeds your soul.
  • Overcome all sorts of previously perceived obstacles to create what you've been longing for.

If your life isn't where you'd like it to be at the moment, and you've been wanting MORE... more joy, meaning, fulfillment, abundance, fun and vitality in your life, we'd like to remind you:


You can make meaningful, positive movement forward

to create a life that's deeply fulfilling!

If you've been wondering how to:

  • Create a life that's rich and vibrant, with lasting joy from deep inside.
  • Stop living small and step into a BIGGER YOU to create more joy, love, fun, magic and meaning.
  • Figure out WHO you came here to be, and finally live a life that's aligned with who that is...

Welcome to a transformative journey that begins right where you are. 

If the idea of up-leveling your life to make a significant impact in the world excites you...


Book your complimentary Insight Session

to gain clarity about how we may be able to support you. 

Enjoy our inspiring poster "Secrets to Creating a Life You Love"

to lift your spirits and motivate you! Print it at home!

We'll also share inspiring updates from time to time.

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A powerful online

Group Coaching program

Virtual Team Meeting
Who's driving your life?

Are you letting fear, doubt and worry drive your decisions? 

If you feel stuck or going around in circles, learning to Master the way you think in these 5 areas of your life is a life-changer!

Learn highly effective tools you can apply immediately, so that YOU become the intentional creator and driver of your life! 

  • Powerful coaching.
  • Hang out with like-minded people.
  • Create meaningful and lasting change!

Transformational Life-Changing

Workshops, Classes & Retreats

Join us in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, the #1 City in the World!

Something magical happens when people of like-mind gather together with a common intention.

All of our inspiring live events are designed to light you up inside.

  • 5 Keys to Creating a Life You Love.
  • Discover Your Passions.
  • Your Story-Your Legacy, a page-to-stage creative experience.
  • Improv Theatre classes
  • Creative Retreats for writers, actors, and visionaries.
We look forward to meeting you!

Compassionate, expert one-on-one focus to create powerful change.

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Make BIG things happen!

Sometimes, even when life is good, we want to step things up to the next level, yet we're unsure about how to get there. That's when working one-on-one can make a huge difference! 

Create serious movement forward  with compassionate, expert guidance to finally make your dreams happen!

  • Get your financial, emotional and spiritual life in order.
  • Start a new project/business.
  • Finish your memoir or novel.
  • Write and perform your one-person show.
  • Find the love of your life!


Book your complimentary Insight Session

to gain clarity about how we may be able to support you. 


"These two guys are the real deal! Every single time I'm with them I learn something that transforms my life. And, that's saying a lot! "


Debra Poneman-

Founder Yes to Success seminars

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Is to inspire and support you to your highest potential so you can be who you came here to be, and create a fulfilling life you love.


Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett are multi-passionate entrepreneurs,

transformational coaches, motivational workshop leaders, actors, writers, and improv teachers (and they love ALL of it!)

Dedicated to creating positive change in the world, they approach everything they do with a deep sense of passion, commitment, fun and a true desire to support their clients to their highest potential.

They've been partners in business and in life for over 20 years, and happily live in the magical town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico,

with their three four-legged furry kids.


Book your complimentary Insight Session

to gain clarity about how we may be able to support you. 

Working with Eli and Joseph you will...
  • Learn powerful tools and strategies to get "unstuck" and joyfully move forward in your life.

  • Become clear about why you're here and confidently step into the new phase of your life. 

  • Overcome feelings of self-doubt, fear and worry and create the inner peace you crave.

  • Experience a deep sense of fulfillment, deep gratitude and meaningful achievement of your goals.

  • Develop nurturing, loving relationships with like-minded people that enrich your life.

  • Take your manifestation abilities to new heights and create abundant, truly amazing results. 

  • Master your mindset in important areas of your life. "Change your story- Change your life!"

  • Say goodbye to stress, anxiety and overwhelm and welcome in a new sense of calm. 

  • Use your natural abilities doing what you love to make a great living and a difference in the world. 

  • Fall in love with yourself, deeply knowing you are worthy of having MORE abundance!

  • Develop new habits that support you on a daily basis that get you closer to your dream.


Book your complimentary Insight Session

to gain clarity about how we may be able to support you. 

"Every great journey starts with a single step."


Book your complimentary Insight Session

to gain clarity about how we may be able to support you. 


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