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Give a holiday gift from the heart to enrich your loved ones' life. 

If you want to make a positive difference in the lives of people you love, we'd like to recommend a GIFT CERTIFICATE for any of our heart-centered services.

Your friends and family can use their gift certificates in various ways ~

  • ONLINE GROUP COACHING series to master mindset in one of 5 key areas of your life to truly create lasting positive change. 


  • ONE-ON-ONE COACHING & MENTORING to light their soul on fire, and get motivated to move forward in a BIG way, in a desired area of their lives. ​​

  • A GETAWAY TO SAN MIGUEL at one of our beautifully welcoming spaces for R & R,  a healing retreat to get back on track with their health, or one of our creative retreats for writer's and actors. 

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THANK YOU for sharing the gift of Transformation!

The gift certificates below can be applied towards any group program, workshop, one-on-one coaching or a magical getaway in San Miguel de Allende!
(To be redeemed before March 31, 2024.)

Eli & Joseph

If you'd like for us to send the Gift Certificate to your loved one, please include their name and email in the form below. Otherwise, we'll send it to you, and you can send to them. Thank you!

You also have the option to gift ANY amount, and we'll send your friend a gift certificate reflecting that!

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