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Dear friend, 

As we stand on the threshold of a brand new year, we invite you to join us for "Bringing Forth," a special New Year's Day mini-Retreat, ONLINE, with Eli and Joseph. Together we'll create precious time dedicated to nurturing your mind, body, and spirit to set the tone for a 2024 filled with positivity, growth, and self-love.



Our carefully curated gathering with like-minded folks includes:

  • getting clear about what you want to create and manifest in 2024.

  • use the positive and loving collective energy we'll generate together to give your spirit a boost.

  • get excited about what's possible for you in the very near future.

  • lovingly release any "baggage" or unfinished business to start with a fresh slate.

  • mindful and delightful tools to help you "bring forth" the adventure of a new year!

Yes, even with all the challenges in the world today, together we'll become more grounded, envision

peace for the world, and cultivate our own inner peace as we begin the new year. 


This joyful gift to yourself will be a delightful experience you will LOVE! 

How lovely is that?

Why Choose "Bringing Forth" this New Year's Day?

Create Something New: The choices you make today can set the tone for the months ahead. We'll co-create a transformative experience—an opportunity to start 2024 with clarity, purpose, and renewed energy.

Transformative Community: There's a powerful vortex that's created when we come together in a shared discovery of what's possible for us. You'll be part of an intimate, kind, supportive community of people who care about creating a better world for everyone. 

Leave Stress Behind: Step away from holiday stress of the past few weeks, and give yourself the gift of self-care, joy and renewal. You will be recharged and inspired.

Hand Holding a Plant

Expert Guidance: You'll be guided by Eli and Joseph, experienced, compassionate, and FUN personal growth workshop leaders and transformational coaches. If you've experienced our programs, you already know the palpable joy, and inspiration we can generate.  We've helped thousands of individuals transform their lives, and are absolutely dedicated to your success. We will do our best to support you throughout your journey. If this is your first time with us... you are in for a beautiful time together. 

Frequent flyer discount: To show our appreciation for your commitment to growth, we're offering a generous 25% discount to our "frequent flyers", those who've taken two or more programs with us. AND... There's an additional discount if you bring your BFF or beloved family member to join us!

So... join us on January 1, 2024, for a joyful way to start a new adventure in the coming year. Click the button below to secure your spot and begin your journey of renewal—in a FUN, creative, inspired and joy-full mini-retreat. We'd LOVE to include you!

"These two guys are the real deal! Every single time I'm with them, I learn something that transforms my life. And that's saying a lot!"

Debra Poneman, Founder, Yes to Success

Mini-Retreat Details

  • Date: Monday, January 1, 2024

  • Time: 1 pm Central + SMA (11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern, 8 pm London, 9 pm Italy) Your retreat will last approx. 2 hours.

  • Format: We're excited to include those in our community who are living in different parts of the World, so we'll be gathering on Zoom.

  • What will we be doing? Lots of surprises that include music and dancing,  a wee bit of storytelling, connecting with each other, taking time for reflection, intention setting, lots of tools you can use right away to dive into what's possible in 2024. The event will be recorded in case you can't attend in person.

  • How much? Your New Year's Day Bringing Forth mini-Retreat is only $79 USD, with a discount for our 'frequent flyers' ;)

White neon wallpaper_edited.jpg

Anything else? 


Yes. We could take up more space sharing details of what we'll be doing during the retreat, but don't you LOVE surprises? There will be plenty of 'em! In the meantime, know this: we will be joy-fully celebrating with gratitude what you accomplished in 2023 (big or small) focusing on positive aspects of your life, and will mindfully be "bringing forth" what's possible moving forward into 2024. Ready to join us?

Who's facilitating the online event?

E and J_edited.png

Joseph Bennett & Eli Hans

Your Joyful Guides

Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett are multi-passionate entrepreneurs, personal growth leaders, transformational life coaches and professional improv actors who are devoted to helping their clients create more fulfilling, empowered lives they love.

They share a life mission of supporting others to their highest potential, and creating a kinder planet that works for everyone.

They've been life and business partners, working together for nearly 25 years, and share a variety of interests—personal growth, living an empowered, impassioned life, transformational theatre, visual arts, improvisation, supporting growth-minded communities, and living a healthy, creative, positive life—on purpose. 

Join us in showing up to your best year yet, full of purpose, drive and creative inspiration, and let go of what's been holding you back—until now. 

Ready to embark on this soulful mini-retreat with other fabulous people? 
Take a positive step toward creating a beautiful life you love.
Sign up

"Bringing Forth"

A New Year's Day mini-Retreat
Monday afternoon, January 1, 2024

1 pm Central (and SMA)

11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern


The space for you to let go... let in...

and bring forth.


Only $79 USD

with a discount for 'frequent flyers'

(clients who've taken 2 or more of our programs)

You'll receive an email on or before December 30th with your Zoom link. Please mark your calendar after signing up to schedule it in!

What to bring: 

  • an open heart

  • your thirsty journal

  • copious curiosity

  • a burning bowl (or pot) matches, candle, incense if you choose

  • water, tea, healthy snacks

  • your BFF or someone to share this retreat with, if you choose 

Can't wait to share this time together with you!

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