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Hello friend! 


1 quick question for you...

Do you want to create a more abundant future? Then, you can't do what you've always done.


And that's where this program comes in.

In this inspiring and transformational online Group Coaching series, we'll share with you powerful tools and strategies that have worked for us and our clients, in order to truly transform your money story.


KNOW THIS: We can't be what we can't seeLet us, together, open up to what's truly possible for you in 2024—and beyond!

In this life-changing, transformational series you'll explore:


  • what's getting in the way of your financial abundance, and learn how to powerfully change it NOW

  • purposefully use the tools that we're going to teach you to let go of any residual coulda woulda shoulda around money

  • how to best create a life of abundance, letting go of the shame of mismanaging money, emotional spending and under-earning

  • our habitual, addictive beliefs around money

  • how to get good with money!

How wonderful is that?


"These two guys are the real deal! Every single time I'm with them I learn something that transforms my life. And, that's saying a lot! "


Debra Poneman-

Founder Yes to Success seminars

Wanna JOIN us?


Join us for this is a 5-week series, beginning May, 2024. We meet once per week for 90-minutes on Zoom. If you can't be there, the sessions are recorded.


*Please note, the first two programs in the Master Your Mindset series SOLD OUT. 


Trust that the minute you sign up for this 5 week program, you're already on the path of creating important, noticeable change. And, you'll be sending a powerful message to the Universe that you're ready to write a better money story for yourself, and your family!


You can easily register by filling in the form below, and making your payment. If available, provide your discount code after you click 'submit'. 


Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, because your life is about to change in BIG ways for the better.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. —Sean Patrick Flanery

Master Your Mindset of MONEY & ABUNDANCE

This is a big topic for most of us. In this series we'll explore the concepts of "lack" vs. "plenty", two powerful states of being that tend to work non-consciously, and affect the ways we get in our own way of having "more," stopping the flow of abundance.


We'll examine our subconscious beliefs and our Blueprint about Money, our sense of deservedness, the container we've created for ourselves to "hold" our abundance, how to expand it, and ways to eliminate conscious and unconscious blocks so that we can freely experience PLENTY, and financial abundance in our lives.

DATES: Tuesdays, beginning May, 2024.

4 PM central time

(2 PM PST, 5PM EST, 10 PM London, 11PM Italy.)


Each group coaching session is 90 minutes, yet the benefits will last a lifetime.

Only $199 usd for the 5-week series. Yes, that's less than you paid for your cellphone, and, unlike your phone, these teachings will last a lifetime.

Image by micheile henderson

Who's facilitating this program?

E and J_edited.png

Your Joyful Guides

Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett are multi-passionate entrepreneurs, personal growth leaders, transformational life coaches and professional improv actors who are devoted to helping their clients create more fulfilling, empowered lives they love.

They share a life mission of supporting others to their highest potential, and creating a kinder planet that works for everyone. "Your Mindset of Money + Abundance" grew out of our earlier SOLD OUT course Prosperity on Purpose. We've also co-facilitated workshops on forgiveness, Gettin' Your Mojo Back, Your Story - Your Legacy, the Law of Attraction—In Action! and others. 

Joseph Bennett & Eli Hans

Eli and Joseph been life and business partners, working together for nearly 25 years, and share a variety of interests—personal growth, living an empowered, impassioned life, transformational theatre, visual arts, improvisation, supporting growth-minded communities, and living a healthy, creative, positive life—on purpose. 

Join us in showing up to your best year yet, full of purpose, drive and creative inspiration, and let go of what's been holding you back—until now. 

Ready to embark on this soulful mini-retreat with other fabulous people? 
Take a positive step toward creating a beautiful life you love.

It's super easy!

Your 5-week transformational Group Coaching programs is only $199 USD—and the benefits your lifetime are priceless.



FIVE 5-week sessions in 2024

to fully embrace these positive changes 

Only $995​ USD

$895 USD

Save $100!

Explore the whole series here. last discount! Please feel free to pay the 'frequent flyer' price if you've enjoyed two or more programs, classes, workshops or retreats with us. A $20 additional savings per series ! 


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