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  • by Eli Hans

5 Steps to access Intuition in the midst of chaos

One of the most empowering things I've learned to do when feeling confused, unsure, and even panicked is to access my inner wise self. Not an easy thing to do when things are turbulent, swirling around me and the monkey brain chatter just won't stop.

"You'll never figure this out," or "You have no idea what you're doing," or "This will probably kill you."

Ahh, right. Sound familiar?

When I have to decide how to proceed, especially, when it comes to my health, this is what I do. It's a beautiful process I discovered in the midst of deciding whether or not to do chemo. I really think this was the start of my healing journey. Once you train yourself to do it , it's easy, effective, and you can access it quickly.

I figured if I survived, then my Future Healed Self would know what he did, right? So, I sat quietly, and visualized this handsome, fit, vibrant future me looking back at present me lovingly. It took a little while, but once he was there, it was SO empowering. So, we started a dialogue, and from then on, when confused or unsure we had a little Pow Wow.

Through this process you can also reach that Future YOU, who already is in the place you want to create. Or you can simply access your Higher Self, the wise part of you that knows you intimately and wants what's best for you.

So, try this:

1. Find a quiet space where you can be alone for a few minutes. You might want to have pen and paper handy.

Woman meditating

2. Sit quietly, connecting to your breathing. In and out, deeper each time, yet keeping it comfortable.

3. Once you get calm, ask your Future Healed Self, or your Higher Self to please come to you. Visualize this Master Teacher seated in front of you. What are they wearing? How do they look? Don't force the image at all. Just wait for it to appear, and if you have a hard time visualizing then just SENSE their presence. Hint: It will be loving, and kind and compassionate. Who else knows you better and cares what happens to you, than the highest aspect of YOU?

4. Establish eye contact in your mind's eye, or just an awareness of that amazing you seated there, in front of you. Then ask the future you what he or she did while facing that particular situation.

5. Then just listen. It may come as words, or images, or just a sense. You may need to stay with it a little, at first. Try to feel the love of this future, healed version of you and welcome the answer and support.

Write what comes to you. Open your eyes just enough to see the paper and pen and do your best to stay in that state of calm and connection.

I know it's kind of a tricky thing to think about or pretend, but you will be so grateful when you are able to access that higher part of you that KNOWS the answers.

This is an aspect of self-empowerment and self-love. Relying on YOU to discover your own answers. This has helped me out SO much and I hope it helps you.

What did you think of this process? I'd love to hear about your experience. What came up for you? Did you hear any AWESOME advice? Hope so.

Or share YOUR way to access your intuition when all hell breaks loose.

Thanks for having the courage share. You could inspire others and help their lives get better.


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