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Coaching is Worthless

I woke up really early this morning at 0330 (!) and one of my first thoughts was:

Coaching is Worthless.

Mostly, coaching is this: you say something, and then the coach says something.

Or the coach says something, then you say something.

It's a lot of words, back and forth.

Sometimes for weeks.

Or months.

Or in the case of when I've worked with both a life coach, and later a business coach, years.


The words are inspiring:

I believe in you.

It sounds like you're on the right path.

I'm listening.

You're doing a great job.

This feels like you're in alignment with what you want.

Or the words are profound:

Tell me what you really want.

I hear you.

Let's look deeper into that...

What's getting in the way?

Let your heart speak to this question...

Or the words are a proverbial kick in the ass:

That's one of your favorite excuses.

There's that stinkin' thinkin' again.

You can stop telling your Self that story now, right?

Or the words are phenomenal reminders:

Tell me what you're grateful for in this moment...

Remember what you said you wanted... and didn't want...

Your story matters.

Listen to yourself speak... can you hear the love and enthusiasm in your voice?

When the words, questions and reflections are inspiring, profound or a proverbial kick in the butt, then you've found the right coach for you.

Then the words aren't worthless.

They're priceless.

Above image credit Thomas Wolter.

If you wanna reach out and have a virtual coffee date with me, you can schedule that here.

I promise it won't be worthless.


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