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What's Your Favorite Word?

1,022,000. Yep, one million, twenty two thousand.

That's how many words are estimated to exist in the English language. Some of them are archaic, meaning they were once commonly used, but now not so much.

So, maybe there's a million English words, give or take.

And... I happen to be one of those geeky guys that tends to pick my favorite something:

  • My favorite part of today was...

  • The best part of this vacation was definitely the...

  • I loved that part when she said...

  • Oh, Chester Blu is definitely my favorite 4-legged kid (true story)

And, when looking at all of the words in the English language (and as a somewhat bilingual person, I'm going to include Español here as well) I know without a doubt, what my favorite word is.

It's the one that, as a life coach, has more significance to me than all the other words that are written, spoken, texted, shouted, sung or prayed.

image credit Brett Jordan, London

So, what's my favorite word, you ask?

Choice. And it's related verb form, to choose. (Yes, I know that's actually two words. Can you give me a bit of leeway here since they're related? Can we call it my favorite 1.5 words? Great, thanks.)

Of the more than 1 million English words being used in the world, I love choice/choose because they remind us that:

  • we are, at each and every moment, at choice about how to react, respond, show up or sit out.

  • these words allow for power, or more specifically, empowerment about how we decide to live our lives.

  • if we're feeling stuck, frustrated, disappointed or unhappy—we get to make a different choice.

  • each and every day we can choose what to eat, how to spend our time, who to hang out with, how to use our money and how we want to be in the world.

Have you ever considered that? How each and every facet of your life is a result of a choice you've made? Pretty powerful stuff, yes? It may be challenging to look at areas of our life that may not be optimal, and... it can be incredibly empowering to know that we can make a different choice that could lead to a more desirable outcome.

Perhaps this is a topic for another blog, but I want to share with you that as I was doing some research for this post,

I came across the most used word in the English language.

When I learned about it, I felt a hit of sadness right in my solar plexus.

The word that we, as English speakers, use more than the other million words?


As in—

  • I'm okay

  • that's okay

  • it was just okay

  • my life is okay

(Yup. That's definitely a post for another day, right!?)

Life goes by quickly. If things are just "okay" in certain areas of our lives, we can look to see if there's room to choose differently, so we can live richer, more fulfilled, more expressed and meaningful lives.

That's why I love the word "choice" and all of the freedom it can bring. We can choose, and choose again if that first choice didn't quite get us where we intended. It's empowering and motivating to know that we're always at choice as

we navigate through this wonderful thing called "life."

For now, I'd love to hear from you.

What's YOUR favorite word? Do you have one? Have you ever thought about it? What word inspires you, helps get you out of bed in the morning or jump starts you when you're feeling blue?

Send us a message (or post a comment below) and let us know. We'd love to hear what you choose and why.

Thanks for reading! I truly appreciate you!

Big love,



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