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What's the next thing you can do?

There is a wonderful writing by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way that teaches us to NOT ask "why me?" but to ask "what's next?" Sometimes when we see the wealth/health/love/creativity of others, we are tempted to believe that the good fortune of others somehow detracts from our own good.

This week you are encouraged to look deeply into yourself and ask "what's next?"

What is the next INSPIRED ACTION that is needed in your life?

You likely already know: Join a 12 step group. Start painting. Get your finances in order. Put on your running shoes. Get back in the studio. Leave the dysfunctional relationship. Audition for the play. Forgive.

Whatever it is that will clear your energy and open up a vibration of health in mind, body and spirit.

Do that next thing NOW. The Universe will respond in kind. Good luck!

What is the thing you know you need to let go of? Share in the comments below. You might inspire others to be courageous and do the same.


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