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Make the most loving, self-nurturing choices

For the next few days or weeks, make the most loving, self-nurturing choices available.

If you believe that our bodies are a vessel, and that our vessel is one of the forms we use to attract the good in our lives, then it follows that the better we treat and love our body - the higher the vibration and the higher good we can attract, yes?

When choosing foods, activities, thoughts, etc., aim for the higher choice. We sometimes try to convince ourselves that "I have had a hard day, and I deserve to have (fill in the blank) Cheetos, wine, a night to veg in front of the TV..."

What if the opposite was just as true or truer?

"I have had a hard day, so I need to be extra loving to my body and spirit" - so a moonlit walk instead of chocolate cake, some organic vegetables instead of another beer, an hour spent in spiritual practice instead of an evening with the remote control?

Could these choices serve you - and your World - better over the long run? You betcha.

What are some loving ways you can do self-care? Share below to inspire the rest of us.

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