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There is Always Plenty

One of our readers wrote that she was letting go of scarcity thinking and her subsequent worries that there "isn't enough." Sound familiar? There isn't enough [blank]. Money, time, clients, ideas, love...

If this is something that you've ever believed (and who hasn't?) Try this: it's a journaling exercise that is super fun, easy and effective called "Plenty." Simply write "I have plenty of" over and over and fill in what there is plenty of in your life. Your list might look something like this: I have plenty of laughter I have plenty of wrinkles I have plenty of friends I have plenty of sunlight I have plenty of pillows I have plenty of coffee cups I have plenty of pens I have plenty of socks I have plenty of places to sit I have plenty of stars to look at I have plenty of music to listen to I have plenty of email addresses I have plenty of blank pages in my journal...

Write as many lines as you can, (over the course of days or weeks). And yes, you're welcome to have fun with this! Be silly! Be creative!

You have plenty of things, feelings and ideas!

The second part is to fully feel that plenitude; let the feeling of having plenty wash over each and every part of your being. You may even wish you carry a rock or talisman with you in your pocket that represents prosperity. Every time you feel, see or think about that rock, bring to mind what you have plenty of.

I have plenty of air I have plenty of steps to walk I have plenty of plants to look at...

When you shift your thinking from scarcity (fear) to plenitude (love) you can, in the words of Ernest Holmes, change your life.

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