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Taking Action in the Direction of Your Dreams.

“Dreams don't work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” Roy T. Bennett


For many of us, each day is pretty much like the day before.

We eat, sleep, manage household duties, work, shop, take care of children, pets, aging parents. Perhaps fit a bit of creativity in there somewhere.

And then? We do nearly the same things the next day.

What if we were to take steps every day, even tiny ones, in the direction of our dreams?

[Of course, before we can take action, we must first become clear about what those dreams are. Most likely, buried just below the surface - our dreams are whispering. Or maybe yours are shouting at you. Do you hear them?]

Let's say that one of your dreams is to experience more peace of mind on a daily basis.

What steps can you take each day toward that dream? Can you -

  • spend a few moments in meditation before starting your day?

  • read something inspiring or spiritually uplifting?

  • join (or start) a meetup, church or meditation group?

  • detox yourself from the news and your newsfeed?

  • schedule a retreat for yourself?

  • spend time in nature, feeling the earth beneath your feet or looking up at the moon before going to bed?


TRY THIS: For the next several weeks, connect to one or more of your dreams (you likely have several vying for your attention) and commit to taking action each day toward those dreams. THEN: Each night, reflect on the actions that you took and feel a sense of joy for having moved forward. (A good ol' fashioned pat on the back works too!) Lastly, set your intention for the actions you're going to take tomorrow.

Your dreams are the voices of your muse, your Higher Self asking you to be who you came here to be. So, what dreams are whispering to you right now? What actions are you willing to take?

Remember this: You're awesome and you DESERVE to create the life of your dreams!

In joy and gratitude,


image: John Hain

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