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  • by Eli Hans

Kiss your worries goodbye!

Wouldn't it be great to be able to let go of obsessive worries that spin around in your head and continually cause you grief? You know the ones... the nasty voices that go from A to B to C to A to B to C that give you stomach aches, keep you up at night, and nag at you constantly.

Where do those worry-thoughts come from and why don't they leave us alone?

As a former chronic worrier, I can tell you that those annoying "what if" thoughts milling around inside my head got me absolutely nowhere.

The strange thing about worries is that at the time they're happening, those cleverly disguised thoughts seem so real and almost impossible to let go of.

Until now!

A couple of years ago I discovered how to have those nagging worries magically disappear! Now I have more energy, clarity and peace of mind as a result.


Introducing an amazing and creative tool you can make at home that will transform your experience of worry in your life: The Let-It-Go Box!

(By the way, creating your own Let-It-Go box is one of the many fun experiences we have in store for you during our retreat "From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed!" in San Miguel de Allende in February, 2018. Check out the details here.)

Let It Go Box

Joseph encouraged me to find a creative way to deal with the particularly troublesome worries that interfered with my life (and his life too, with my constant expression of, well, worry!)

So, I created the amazing practice of putting all of my lingering worries in one place, having complete faith that they would somehow get handled by the Universe.*

I'm happy to report that the Let-It-Go Box has worked incredibly well, and my hunch is that it will work for you, too!

Here's what you do:

  • Find a small box with a lid you can decorate (chocolate or cigar boxes are great.)

  • Collect images that inspire you from magazines or the internet and print them out or cut them. Don't try to figure out how you'll decorate the box just yet. Just gather plenty of images that you love.

  • Print short phrases that you can use as well. I used these: Something wonderful is about to happen. All is well, the Universe is handling it. Or you could use something like: I TRUST my decisions because they are Divinely guided! I Release and I let Go (or I let God!)

Get the idea? Whatever works for you.

  • Also print a large title for your box: Let It Go Box

Then, this is the FUN and CREATIVE part!

  • Put some music on, gather your materials, white glue, hot glue, or glue sticks, scissors and go to town decorating your box!

  • Really make this your own. You can also add old jewelry or beads or fake gems. This is going to be a sacred gift to yourself so make it really special.

Here are some views of my Let It Go box:

Then what?

  • Once your box is finished, whenever you have worries that aren't going away, write them down on a small piece of paper (I use post-its; one per worry) and remember to put the date on it.

This is the crucial part:

  • Open your magical Let-It-Go Box, kiss the paper goodbye and place it in there knowing and trusting that somehow the Universe will take care of it. Release your attachment to it, close your box and truly and completely Let It Go!

If you catch yourself thinking or obsessing about that worry, remind yourself that it's in the box, being handled by the Universe (or God or any higher power you relate to) and it's not your job to worry about it any more! *

That. Is. It.

Simple, and effective!

You'll be amazed - when you look inside your box a few months later - that what you were once worried about actually got handled or never came to pass! You'll laugh at how silly it was to have placed so much energy on something that turned out to be not such a big deal.

I often find myself saying "Joseph, look at this! I can't believe I was worried about that?" Only to see his well-knowing look of "I told you so" on his beautiful face.

(NOTE: This is a great tool for families too. Imagine teaching this to your children or grandchildren so that they learn to Let It Go before worry becomes a habit in their lives!)

What I discovered is that, eventually, after months of this mindful practice, you'll find your worries fewer and further between, as you begin to realize that, in the end, there's nothing worth worrying about. Ever.

Nothing is worth sacrificing your peace of mind.

*A special note: I'm not suggesting you should ignore situations and avoid dealing with things that need to get handled. It's very important that you take action to find solutions to actual problems. The Let-It-Go box is an additional tool to help you stop obsessing.

By the way, if you need additional support with worries, limiting beliefs or overwhelm in your life, you may want to discover what life-coaching is all about. Joseph and I will be glad to support you with strategies and action plans to pursue your passions and dreams and release worries and limiting beliefs that get in your way.

Please feel free to share your thoughts below about the Let-It-Go Box or other great tools you have discovered that have helped you manage worry.

"If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today." E. Joseph Cossman

To your peace of mind,


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