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  • by Joseph Bennett

60-Second Game Changer To Improve Your Life

Here's a super-powerful game changer to jump-start your life. It's something new we started practicing every morning just after meditation, and it's helped us to create an amazing shift every day toward empowerment, groundedness and intention.

And it's really, really easy.

Stand with both feet on the ground (if you're physically limited, this practice works while sitting, too. If you're NOT physically limited, get your butt off the couch) raise your arms up in the air and begin affirming aloud "I AM WILLING."

Say it over and over again while reciting a stream-of-conscious, no-holds-barred list of what you're willing to do, be, have or create today.

I am willing to go to the gym and exercise with joy.

I am willing to de-clutter my desk and create a beautifully welcoming work area.

I am willing to reconnect with old friends and create new memories.

I am willing to keep my heart open today.

I am willing to try new practices to create more positivity in my life.

I am willing to be uncomfortable and do things out of my comfort zone.

I am willing to drive carefully and be patient with other drivers.

I am willing to eat healthy foods.

I am willing to smile more every day.

I am willing! I am willing! I am willing!

Happy Woman raising her arms

Whatever comes to mind, without editing, affirm it to the heavens or to the Universe for several seconds with unparalleled joy and willingness!

Something amazing happens when you reach up to the sky and say I am willing! Hard to describe, and you'll know what we mean when you try it.

Next, allow your hands to rest on your heart and imagine, sense or feel yourself deeply opening up to what you're creating today.

Are you willing to try it? Yes or Yes?


We typically do this practice while slowing moving in a circle, symbolically sharing our willingness with every part of the heavens, and in every direction.

You'll be amazed at the results!


You can also use this tool throughout the day, especially when things are really annoying you. (You can say it out loud and raise your arms if you can, or if in a car or in a public space, you can just think it!)

For example, if you're stuck in traffic, say out loud: I am willing to be stuck in traffic!

Or at a busy checkout counter: I am willing to stand in line and wait for the other customers to finish up.

If you're sick in bed: I am willing to have a nasty cold and rest!

We've discovered that when we resist the annoyance, it gets worse. If you're willing to be in it, the annoyance somehow immediately dissipates!

Try it! You'll see what we're talking about.

I am willing to read a self-help book instead of watching TV. I am willing to eat a super healthy dinner tonight.

What are you willing to do? Please join in the discussion and post in the comments below.

NOTE: In the beginning, you may feel silly doing this. And your cat, roommate and/or neighbors might look at you as if you're off your rocker. In that case, simply affirm -

I am willing to look silly in front of others! :)

Yes! Thank you for being willing to hang out with us. Tell us what you're willing to do!

In willingness,


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