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  • by Joseph Bennett

Moving Toward The Light

My eyes aren't getting any younger. And sometimes I struggle with being able to see clearly, especially when I'm trying to accomplish a task, read a book, walk down dimly lit stairs or work in my studio.

And sometimes, all that it takes to see more clearly is to shift - sometimes just a few inches - toward the light. Whether that source of light is coming from a nearby window, a lamp or a light switch, it always strikes me how much easier it is to do what I'm trying to do when there's a bit more light shining on the situation.

And it doesn't escape me that this is a beautiful metaphor for life, too.

How many times have we been struggling with darkness in our lives, and all it takes to move away from that darkness is allowing a bit more metaphorical light in, helping us to see more clearly?

But what does that mean, exactly? How do we do that when we're in the throes of darkness, forgetting that it's temporary?

The trick in creating a state change faster, is to know ahead of time what has worked for you in the past, and the moment you recognize you are engulfed in whatever darkness is occurring at the moment, you make a conscious decision to let some light in.

Typically, bringing in the light looks like this:

  • choosing to be really loving to ourselves - physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, nutritionally, creatively.

  • exercising, moving, walking in nature, dancing, throwing our arms up in the air.

  • talking to a trusted friend, therapist or life coach to gain a new perspective.

  • listening to music, reading an inspiring passage, meditating, spending time in prayer.

  • laughing - at ourselves, at the situation or both, knowing that the darkness is always temporary.

  • even mindfully lighting a candle can help drive away the darkness, physically, energetically, symbolically.

There are dozens of more ways. The key, of course, is remembering, in the middle of the darkness, that there are ways for each of us to reach toward the light. And to remember that the darkness is temporary. It takes action, willingness, and remembering "yes, of course I have ways to bring forth the light."

Shifting, even just a few inches toward the light, can make all the difference ;)


Which method tends to works best for you? We'd love to know and to share with others, so they may be reminded and inspired by it.

We're always listening below. ¡Gracias!

To your light,


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