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  • by Eli Hans

What Feeds Your Soul?

The other day, after meditation I asked myself this question: Who's running your life? Are you? Or are your old, subconscious patterns running you?


I think one of the most important conversations we have in our lives is the ongoing dialogue going on inside each of us. It is so subtle and ingrained, and familiar, that we can't tell it apart from who we truly are.

Is that inner dialogue helping you, encouraging you, and supporting your dreams and goals?

Does that inner voice create a deep sense of peace inside?

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Or is it hindering your growth, planting seeds of doubt at every turn, keeping you smaller than you are meant to be?

Do you sometimes make decisions to create a desired change that you vow to keep, and nothing really changes?

Why? Why don't you do what your heart of hearts tells you? What is the hesitation, or the procrastination all about?

Who are you listening to? The voice that says "Yes! This feeds my soul." Or voices rooted in fear and lack? The thing is, this last category is not very obvious. These voices hide behind thoughts like "I'm doing what's right." "I'm being responsible." "I need to provide for my family."

All of those ideals are honorable. We are taught to abide by them. And, they are often inextricable linked to thoughts of "security" - which, on the surface may seem like the right thing, though at the root, these are thoughts of lack (of faith) and fear (of the future.)

These thoughts are the reason why millions of people are stuck in jobs and situations that are ultimately unfulfilling, doing nothing to enrich their soul, yet, tolerable perhaps by the idea of putting money in the bank.

Here are some employee engagement statistics from 2017:

  • 51% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged in their work

  • Only 44% of employees are happy in their current role

  • 3.2 million people quit their jobs in October of 2017

  • 59% of employees would leave their profession if they could

Imagine a world where people felt connected, engaged, in love with their work! How would things be different all around?

So, how do we achieve a balance between what we "have to" do vs. what feeds our soul? Do they have to be on opposing corners or is there a way to bring them together?

What would happen if you started running your life through a filter that asks: "Does this feed my soul?" and you committed to only doing things where you answered YES?

What would you start doing differently? Would it make you feel irresponsible? Is it scary? Or exciting and thrilling? Imagine, if you had nothing to lose, that you gave yourself permission to do just that.

I'm not asking you to go quit your job (if you have one) and focus on your favorite hobbies. Although, who knows? For some of you, that might just be the perfect ticket!

I am asking: is there a way to focus more on things that feed your soul, that fire you up, that make you happy, that bring meaning to your life, and perhaps even figure out how to make a wonderful living or extra cash doing those things, if you choose?

Do they have to be mutually exclusive? Is there a way to bring more of what you love into your current situation without having to leave it? It's not about letting go of one to have the other. Sometimes it's just about setting that intention, about creating balance. It's about integration and it's about transformation.

Imagine what your life and work would be like by doing what you love, and discovering that you can make a great living at it, if that's what you choose to do.

Start by answering these questions:

What makes you tick? What drives you? What feeds you, deeply?

What changes can you begin to implement so that you're doing more of that?

Change happens gradually. Be patient as you begin to shift your inner dialogue to embrace these ideas.

This is your life. How much longer do you want to keep running on automatic pilot, if indeed you are? Commit to your awesome life. Discover what it is that brings meaning and fulfillment, maybe even excitement, and do that!

If we can help you become more clear, develop a plan to put into action, and support you during the process... THAT is what drives US and brings meaning to our lives.

We'd love to know in the comments below... what came up for you regarding this idea of Feeding Your Soul? Are you there? Or what areas of your life need a boost? What would it be like to filter all your activities through that phrase?

Thanks for reading.

With love and passion,


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