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How To Create An Extraordinary Life

We're currently in Southern California, enjoying a three-week house, dog & car exchange. Who knew that could even be possible? One more miracle that seemed to create itself out of the ethers — borne from a simple desire, followed by action. Sometimes, wonderful things just happen, almost effortlessly, when everything falls into alignment.

Part of our time here is spent listening to inspiring podcasts, and studying the works of self-improvement leaders and gurus — which is a whole lot more fun than it sounds ;-) (There's so much amazingly powerful information out there!)

The one ingredient that keeps coming up over and over again in the proverbial quest for "how to create an extraordinary life" is so simple: decide to.

Each of us are faced with thousands of opportunities to make decisions each and every day, and most of us (until now) tend to choose the decisions that are most comfortable, or the ones that are easiest. The ones that are safest. The ones that don't ask us to stretch too far or reach outside of our comfort zone. We essentially make the types of decisions that keep us in the exact same place where we are, right now at this moment.

Yet... if you're in a place in your life where you want to create something larger, something more fulfilling or that's more in alignment with your life purpose, then right now, in this moment, decide that you're going to do just that.

You don't need to know all the steps required to reach your goal. Thinking you need to know all of that is a great way to talk yourself out of pursuing your heart's desire. Just make a decision, become clear about what that is, and focus on the next step.

And then watch. And listen. Because immediately after deciding that you're finally going to have more love or more freedom or more money or more happiness or better health or whatever it is for you, The Voice is going to start (and we're not talking about the popular singing competition on TV.)

The Voice that we're referring to is the one in your head that says you don't deserve it. It's too late or it's too soon. You can't save any money. You'll never catch up. There's too much competition. You're still not ready...


And then (wait for it...!) DECIDE that you're NOT going to listen to The Voice.

And then decide that again and again and again.

Following your heart's desire is a precious, beautiful, divine thing to do. It's why we're here. You deserve it, and the joy and fulfillment of creating it is like nothing else on Earth. Decide you're going for it. Decide you're worth it, and let your passion for it guide you all the way there. Watch the miracles occur!

Drop 12 inches from your head where The Voice lives, into your heart. And make decisions from that place.

And it all starts with a decision. Big or small. Just decide. (HINT: If there's confusion, or back and forth quarreling with yourself, you're still in your head.)

For us, sitting down and writing this blog was a decision that had to be reckoned with. "Do people really care about reading one more of our blog posts? There's millions of blogs in the world already (more than 440 million) ... everyone knows this stuff by now... there's a beautiful sunny day out there and we're on vacation, for the love of god... can't this wait another week or so?"

And then? Well, since you're reading this.... you know what we decided to do, yes?

Why? Because it brings us joy. Because we believe it matters to follow our dreams. Because we love creating community. Because even if one person shifts because of it, then it was worth it.

And you? What decision will you make to shift things forward in your life? What are you going to do with, in the inspired words of poet Mary Oliver, your one wild and precious life?

How to live an extraordinary life

We'd love to hear in the comments below, what is the one thing you've decided to do to jumpstart your life to the next level?

What steps are you willing to take, what habits are you going to let go of, what limiting belief are you going to stop believing?

And if you need support with any of this, or guidance and someone to be accountable to, we're always listening here.

Thank you! And now... DECIDE to go out and have a super sublime day!

In love,

Eli & Joseph

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