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Asking For Support

We recently had a big “aha” during a visit to the meditation gardens at the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, CA (there's a link below — we highly recommend a trip to immerse yourself in the sublime gardens!)

One of the beautiful, full-grown trees was being supported by a wooden beam that someone had put there, many years before. It was obvious that without that support, the tree — or at least a major portion of it — would have fallen down.

Fortunately, someone had taken action because the tree (as far as we know) can't ask for help.

We also noticed that the beam is actually supporting part of one tree, which is supporting another tree which is supporting another tree. (Kind of like how in life, supporting each other has a ripple effect...)

But human beings, unlike trees, can ask for help.

And many typically don't.

So we began a conversation about that. Why is it so challenging for many of us to ask for support when we need it?

For various reasons, many of us tend to hold back and shy away from asking for help or support from others. "We don't want to bother them. We don't want to appear weak. We value our independence. We already know how to figure things out and just need a little more time..."

And dozens of other conversations that we have with ourselves, (Until Now) convincing ourselves and others that we can go it alone.

And the big question is...

What would our lives be like if we were to believe (to change the adage a bit) that it takes a village to raise each other?

What if we were to give ourselves permission to ask for support when we need it?

What would it be like if we were to ask for — and accept — support from friends, family, neighbors, support groups, coaches, counselors, teachers, spiritual leaders and the like?

Yes, there's a lot to be said for finding our own path, and learning to solve situations on our own.

And, there are times when asking for support from others is absolutely the perfect, right thing to do.

Because, really. Why not?

We know that offering help to a loved one, or even a stranger, is greatly fulfilling. It is a gift and an honor to be of service, yes? So, asking for support is a beautiful way to create an opportunity for communication, for hearts opening, for our humanity to shine through as we accept help from others and give them an opportunity to give of themselves as well.

With this idea of asking for and offering support in mind, we invite you to join a new, free, online global project entitled "A Is For Action" with daily or near-daily teachings, inspiration and yes opportunities for support (!) focused on taking action in the direction of your dreams.

It's simply a place to be reminded of what's important to you, and a way to share in community the actions you're taking, or willing to take, to create a life you love.

You're welcome to check out the cool project on FB here.

In love and support,

Eli + Joseph

PS. As always, if you're in need of support from either or both of us (with coaching, counseling, hypnosis, or a motivational talk to your community, group or church) you can always reach us here. Thank you!

And the link to the Self Realization Meditation Gardens in Encinitas, CA (and 500 other inspiring locations around the World) is here. ENJOY!

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