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  • by Eli Hans

Life Lessons from my Garden

If you've ever felt stuck trying something new and you just COULDN'T make a decision, you'll be able to relate to what happened to us recently.

I've had a dream for years to grow our own vegetables. I fantasize about making compost (not really, I just think about it) and getting our entire dinner from our garden and being self-sufficient.

But, seriously, I had ZERO idea how to make all that happen.

So, we hired an organic gardener to help us with the compost bin, hundreds of amazing worms, and he built two large raised beds with organic soil to get us started.

I was SO excited!

Of course, I also thought "What are we doing? It's going to take like three months to grow 12 carrots! We could just go to the organic market down the street and get dozens right away."

Yes, but that's not the point. I want MY OWN carrots, dammit!

However, I was so undecided about what to grow, and when, and how much that I literally froze with indecision.


So, what happened?

Nothing. For a while.

Then suddenly....

Well, it's easier to understand if you watch this video. You'll SEE what happened!


The metaphor struck me very clearly. I got a mish-mash of results by 1. Not being clear and 2. not taking action.

And yet, is that such a bad thing, really?

It was so much fun to have the anticipation, waiting to discover what was growing all on its own.


So, I ask myself: Which is better?

To TRUST the Universe and allow things to unfold, being in the flow?

Or to MAKE things happen by being clear and taking action?

Many wonderful things have happened in my life by allowing things to just be.

Our move to San Miguel de Allende was not necessarily planned. It kind of happened on its own, by listening to our intuition and allowing things to unfold. We took a huge leap of faith (Trust with a capital T) and it has been one of the best things to ever happen to us.

And, yet, I've also experience amazing results by being very CLEAR about my desired outcome, and taking INSPIRED ACTION, step by step, until those results came to fruition. I'm a huge believer in the power of clarity and taking action.

Fuzzy thinking creates fuzzy results. And that's kinda what happened to our garden.

So, my question to you is:

What has worked better in your life, to be result-oriented and take action to make things happen? Or to TRUST and just allow the flow of life to guide you?

Or a combination of both?

I'd really love to know your thoughts on this. Please post your COMMENTS BELOW and let's start a conversation, shall we?

Thanks for reading and for being part of our lives!

Much love to you,

Eli (and Joseph)

P.S. Oh, yeah! And for those gardener-types in the know.... what are these things?

Funky looking squash

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