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6 Ways to Deal With Resistance

If there's something important you've been meaning to get done, but you keep postponing and just can't seem to get started... you'll wanna read this. First the good news: it's normal. You're not a loser. EVERYONE experiences that nasty little voice that says: Let's do this tomorrow. Boy, are we familiar with that! We've been reading lots recently about this thing that tends to stop most of us from achieving our dreams. It rears it's ugly head whenever we want to create something new, continue with a project or, most especially, when we're near completion of our goal. What is it? This nasty, powerful force is called Resistance. And it shows up in so many subtle ways. Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

Let's not do this today.

It's already been done. It doesn't matter. I'll just start tomorrow. Nobody really cares anyway. They're already so much further ahead than I am. It's too late. I don't have the (time, money, resources, smarts, connections, where-with-all) to do it. Let me just go do _______________ first.

We love the story of the PhD student who, instead of writing his dissertation, suddenly needed to Turtle Wax his bath tub. True story! Resistance is something that we all face, and the more important the outcome, the stronger the resistance seems to be... Making a reservation for dinner? Easy peasy. Starting an awesome business you've been thinking about since the 1970's? Ummm. Let's think about that a little longer. Sound familiar?

(Has pursuing your dreams ever felt like this?)

Author Steven Pressfield says that if your dream is like a tree, resistance is it's shadow. That means that, no matter what, as soon as your dream appears, resistance is going to show up, just like the tree's shadow.

Truth is: things always come up. We bump into obstacles, whether real or imagined. When we're engaged in any project, it takes energy just to get started! It's like pushing a car that was standing still.

It can be challenging just to show up. To sit in front of your computer and begin to write. It would be a lot easier to lay around by the pool, right? Planting a new garden requires going to the nursery and buying the plants. And getting the tools. Then carrying everything home and start digging.

EVERYTHING takes energy. Getting out of bed in the morning takes energy! Motivational speaker Mel Robbins says that the energy that is required to get out of bed in the morning is exactly the same energy needed to start any project.

It's just a decision.

Steven Pressfield says that talent is not the defining factor in achieving success. There are lots of people with talent! The ability to overcome resistance, self-sabotage and self-doubt is way more important than talent.

So, how do we break through those walls of resistance?

Great question! Here's our take on the answer:

1. You gotta know your WHY. In our experience, your goal has to matter. When what you're doing truly matters to you, when it's something you feel passionate about, you simply don't settle for anything else. You fall, you get up. Your WHY has to act like a magnet that attracts you through the challenging times.

2. Choose wisely. This means, you've got to be selective about what you choose to become involved in. We can't be attracted by every shiny object we think might be fun. Get clear about what really matters to you, and become focused on THAT. Do your best to avoid distractions, since time and energy are so precious, choose your projects wisely.

3. You don't need to know the HOW. A lot of us try to plan the entire project from the get-go. We want to know every step of the way now. Before we even start. So, we get hung up with research, looking at options, trying to put all the pieces together.

This step requires a high degree of Trust in your Self. Trust in the Universe, and that what you need will show up when you need it. Trust that you will be shown the next step as soon as you're ready for it.

4. Show up. Yes. Just show up. Even if you don't know what to write about, show up in your chair, in front of the computer. Show up, fully present in a meeting with someone. Show up with enthusiasm, and allow that to be contagious! Other people might be so thrilled by your energy, they'll want to volunteer to help you!

The Universe often has much bigger plans for us than we, little humans, can imagine for ourselves. So, show up, and be open to be shown what that might be!

5. Be a professional. And we don't mean that only in a business sense. Be a professional person who accomplishes what you set out to do. Whether related to career or not. Amateurs give up when things get tough. Professionals do what they need to do. So, when you're feeling like giving up just think to yourself: Hey, I'm a pro! What would a pro do? And DO that!

6. KNOW you're worth it! Everyone on this planet came here with specific gifts and talents to be shared with the world. EVERYONE, and that includes you. If you're still here, you have work to do. So, it's time to wake up, to love yourself, to know that what you have to offer matters, and that you are worth it! Any other thoughts not in alignment with that truth is complete B.S!

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So, when you feel resistance, remember who you came here to be, OK? The world needs what you have to share. So stop the B.S. (see above) and let your magic come through!!


If you're finding it difficult to get started with something that's important to you, we can help you move any project forward. We're GREAT at breaking through resistance, and helping others do the same! We'd love to support you to bring a project into fruition! Check out our life-coaching page. Then, don't let resistance get you. Take action and schedule your FREE Discovery Session with one of us!

Honestly, your life will change in HUGE ways for the better. We're committed to helping you create whatever it is that's wanting to be birthed!


How do you deal with resistance and procrastination in your life? Please share your ideas in the COMMENTS below.

Thanks so much for reading!

In love and gratitude,

Eli and Joseph

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