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  • by Eli Hans

Discover your Passions - Your future self will thank you!

You know those days where, no matter what, things just don't seem to flow as easily as they're supposed to?

Happens to all of us.

It’s common to live our lives on auto-pilot, being "busy" at what we’re supposed to be doing. Some days we might feel like something's missing, but we're not sure what. Or like some part of us has been neglected, and we don’t quite feel fulfilled or as connected as we could be.

What if the reason was that you’re resisting some deep and wonderful aspect of yourself that really wants to be expressed, but you're not letting it?

The part of you that, when you're in touch with it, it makes you feel alive, and happy to be free to be who you really are.

What if, for some reason, you’ve unconsciously buried it beneath the surface and temporarily forgotten who you truly are?

For some people, this can happen for just days. Others months, or years.

No wonder we feel anxious, stressed, or even depressed. Could it be that we’re not accessing our true nature?

You know how great it feels when you’re flowing effortlessly, right? When you’re motivated and excited about what you’re involved in.

It doesn't have to be fleeting. When you commit to living your life in alignment with your natural gifts, with who you came here to be, your life becomes rich and meaningful, filled with enthusiasm, purpose and passion.

And, that becomes your new norm, the new You.

Why is it so challenging to be happy?

In our culture, many of us have been conditioned since we were kids to do what’s 'right’; focusing on ways to make money, to be successful, instead of following our bliss and our natural inclinations.

We’ve learned to bury our true desires and our natural gifts beneath all kinds of beliefs that aren’t true: If I follow my passions, how will I make a decent living? Isn’t that being irresponsible? What will people think of me? Blah, blah, blah.

Know this:

You came to this Earth to unfold, to blossom, to express fully who you are by using your natural talents, gifts and abilities. That’s why you’re here: to live LARGE, to explore your creative self, to expand your heart, to share your gifts and to make a difference in the world.

That's why all of us are here!

Don’t be afraid of those beautiful parts of yourself that are aching to be expressed. The Universe will open doors for you and show you the way once you COMMIT to going on this journey.

When you gain clarity about what that is for you, the journey will nourish and support every aspect of your life: your career, your health, your finances, your relationships.

We believe that not only CAN you allow that beautiful, unique and wonderful aspect of you to come out and play, in many instances you can also find a way to make a great living by doing so!

This is one of the most valuable actions you can do for yourself in this life! To discover your passions, discover what lights your fire and what feeds your soul.

And then do that!

Be silly, be creative, live your dreams, think outside-the-box for solutions that make your heart sing!

Discovering Your Passions

We're really fortunate to know first hand that living a multi-passionate life, expressing our natural gifts, while making a great living at it is not only possible, it’s essential.

We're also the first to admit that it's not always easy. Yes, there will always be obstacles and challenges on your path. Yet when you're plugged in to the energy and passion that runs through your veins, it's a lot easier to get up, not give up, and keep going.

It truly is possible. So, go ahead. Take the leap!

When you do, your genius future self will thank you for it!

PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW: How would your life be different if you allowed this part of you to be fully expressed? What might be keeping you from doing that?

Thanks for reading!

We so appreciate you,

Eli and Joseph

P.S. If you need help with discovering your passions and what truly drives you, we’re here for you.

Our mission is to help you connect to who you came here to be.

Explore a life-coaching discovery session with us! As long as our schedules allow, we'd love to offer you a half hour together (phone or skype) to help you get in touch with those aspects of yourself that are aching to come out and play (and maybe make some money at it, too!)


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