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The Call To Courage

Ever had one of those Netflix nights where there's nothing to watch? Even with all of those hundreds or thousands of choices?

Well, ponder no more and make sure you catch this wonderful Netflix Special featuring researcher and motivational speaker Brené Brown. It's called The Call to Courage (watch the Netflix trailer below.)

Brené Brown became a national self-help guru when her TED Talk “The Power of Vulnerability” went viral almost nine years ago and became one of the top-viewed TED talks ever, having been watched more than 35 million times. (That's for us, one day!)

In this new film, Brené makes a number of profound points, and we really loved this one:

It takes a lot of courage just to show up.

Have you noticed that to be true in your own life? How much faith, strength and effort is required just to show up? To be truly present? To step into the arena called Big Possibilities?

Essentially, it takes courage to become who you came here to be. That full expression of you that only YOU can be. That's really why we're all here, isn't it?

Or, maybe you've noticed the opposite:

How much easier it is to NOT show up. To remain shut down. Stay home. Isolate. Play small.

Which might look something like this:

  • Worrying what other people might think, so you don't start _________ (dating again, writing your memoirs, putting yourself out there, your own Youtube channel, moving out to the country, sharing your voice with a larger audience...)

  • Staying in a job you hate because it's easier than starting your own business.

  • Settling in a relationship you know is ultimately not fulfilling.

  • Not picking up the phone to have that difficult conversation.

  • Not going back to school or starting that course you've been dreaming about.

  • Hours (days? weeks?) of inaction because you're afraid of making the wrong choice.

Holy Moly! Take a breath...

Yes. Showing up is really, really, really scary. You know why? 'Cause it feels vulnerable. We might fail. People might laugh.

In her own words, Brené shares with us:

"Vulnerability is hard, and it's scary and it feels dangerous. But it's not as hard, scary or dangerous as getting to the end of our lives and having to ask ourselves:

What if I would've shown up?"

The Call to Courage

image credit: Ulleo/Pixabay

Let there be no regrets. Know that you did all that you could to push through the discomfort and allow the breath of life into your true self.

And, here's the other part of the equation: we don't have to do this all alone.

Yet, we forget that. Rarely do we make space in our lives to allow someone in to lovingly keep us accountable; someone to tap us on the shoulder saying "Hey, I'm here to remind you that you had a dream, remember? Have you done anything about it?"

So, not only do we not show up, often no one's noticing when we don't. We get to hide, play small, sit on the sidelines. And we don't even have to justify our inaction to anyone. We don't have to explain to anyone why we're not following our dreams.


Unless we have a team of loving people that are watching out for us. People who see our greatness, and are willing to step up to truly support that aspect of us — an accountability partner, a life coach, a community of like-minded friends.

Who's on your team?

Do you feel supported? Do you need a loving push to encourage you to step out on that arena, and express fully who you came here to be? Who's there encouraging you to show up in the direction of your dreams?

We encourage you to create that in your life. And, of course, if you need support from us, we're here for you.

You are here to share your gifts with the world. Is it easy? No! It's hard. It's scary. It's a vulnerable place to be.

And, yet.

It's really what causes life to course through your veins, to lift you and give you energy, to make all the cells in your body come into alignment so that you can be who you came here to be!

So what if you feel a little vulnerable? So what if somebody says something less than kind about what you're doing? (Why focus on them anyway?)

That first TED talk of Brene's? She received hundreds of disparaging comments about her appearance and her talk in general, which would have made anyone hide under a rock for ever.

And, guess what? After eating a bunch of peanut butter and binging on Downton Abby, she moved on. And her TED talk went viral! And she has gone on to help millions of people face their lives, and have courage to become who they are.

So, here's a question for you...

How are you willing to become vulnerable this week? What are you willing to show up to? What action can you take that will get you a little bit closer to your dreams?

PLEASE SHARE IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, OK? Yes! Even if it makes you feel a little bit (or a lot) vulnerable.

Maybe writing it in the comments will spur on some accountability for you to really go out, show up, and get it done!

You can do this!

Oh, the trailer for Brené's Netflix special is below. Watch it if you haven't already. We think you'll get a lot out of it.

As always,

Love, Eli + Joseph


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